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In August 2010 Hal McCoy used some questionable judgement when he quoted Brandon Phillips’ locker room diatribe about how he hates the Cardinals because of their endless complaining.


“We have to beat these guys. I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they’re little bitches, all of ‘em.

"I really hate the Cardinals. Compared to the Cardinals, I love the Chicago Cubs. Let me make this clear: I hate the Cardinals."


Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, of course, volleyed things back at Phillips by saying, "We win the right way and we lose the right way. We’ve received a lot of compliments over the years that when we lose we tip our caps and when we win we keep our mouths shut. That’s my comment."

Actually, LaRussa and the Cardinals rarely keep their mouths shut when they lose. In recent history alone, they’ve complained that their balls were not properly rubbed, that the opposing fans cheered too loudly and waved too many towels too much, that the shadows at their own stadium were too troubling, that the Brewers changed the lights in the scoreboard and stole signs, that during brawls they get their asses kicked, and that a limited edition baseball card had too much squirrel on it. That’s right. Too much squirrel.

Our SB Nation sister site is VivaElBirdos or VEB, and they have come to be known as WLB. You can’t even go discuss relevant issues on topic on their site lest their feelings get hurt. When I visited there to give them sincere condolences on losing Adam Wainwright for the year, and what that could mean to his contract, here was their excuse for collectively calling me a troll:


Dude. Come back another day.

You will find plenty of reasoned discourse.

You’ve gotta understand the timing…
…I think you’ve tried to be reasonable and asked reasonable questions. Your timing, however, is not reasonable.

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