The Bad Man

The Bad Man is Rich Aurilia. He earned the moniker early in the 2005 season, when he was awarded the starting SS job out of spring training, blocking Felipe Lopez's development while hitting south of .200. As a result, JD Arney put up a sidebar poster of his photo with the caption, "Please stop the bad man from hurting the Reds."

He lost the starting SS job eventually to Lopez but earned a role playing a number of positions and did quite well (.282-14-68), whereupon the "Bad" part of his name became the "good bad" instead of the "bad bad." Again playing a number of positions, he was arguably the Reds' MVP in 2006 (.300-23-70), particularly in September, when no one else was hitting.

Rich Aurilia's wife, Raquel, is referred to as the "Bad Woman."

When Richie is on deck during a close ballgame, there is said to be a "Bad Moon on the Rise".

The Bad Man signed a two-year $8 million contract with the Giants on December 2, 2006, so he won't be returning to the Reds any time soon.

Rich Aurilia may yet hurt the Reds and Red Reporter again.

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