Krivsky at RedsFest with SlydeKrivskySweater2
Krivsky at the Reds Caravan Event

Sweaterpants is a nickname that was given to Wayne Krivsky during a Spring Training game in 2007 (credit goes to MixFMKyle and boobs who combined on the effort).

The reference to Krivsky's sweater goes back to RedsFest in December of 2006, when Krivsky wore "the worst sweater I ever saw. That's a Cosby sweater. A Coooosby Sweat-er!"

Later, he wore the exact same sweater during a Reds caravan event. Red Reporters everywhere began to wonder if this was Krivsky's uniform, and also why it had no Red in it.

The name sweaterpants is an spin-off of the name Leatherpants, which was a name given to a former Reds General Manager.

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