sukr (pronounced "suk er" not "sook er") is eager to blend in with teal blue man groups, especially church delegations on road trips from CHI. No mention of "laptop guy" is necessary, those in the inner circle understand and accept. Click here for demo: Laptop Guy

According to boobs, sukr is not the last poster of the 2006 season on Red Reporter, but sukr feels he "called it" fair and square.

sukr's first post came on the first day of Red Reporter:

Don't care where I get my Reds fix, Just gimme!
Hey, is that guy up in the corner supposed to be you, JD? Kinda goofy lookin', aren't ya'? Just kidding. I also recently found reds daily, so no big deal for me to change. Keep up the good work, it helps us through these dark times. Is the old site going away? And where's my damn Brewers prospectus?

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