I believe the audiostream is still running "Who's On First" out there somewhere.

My Thoughts on Current Reds Players

  • Dunn - The strike outs don't bother me. The left field defense does.
  • Jr - Move 100 feet to your left already
  • Freel - Love ya - On the field. Off the field, you drive me crazy. Saw him once do a 5 minute interview for Fox19. Chew in his mouth. Spit a couple of times. Not that professional athletes need to be roll models, but I'd tell Trey - THIS is how you play the game, but not after the game.
  • Harang - Thank you for signing on the dotted line
  • Arroyo - You are such a goober, but keep jammin' with Dave and Chuck while in town.

My Thoughts on Past Reds Players:

  • Jason LaRue - was always my guy
  • Sean Casey - was always my wifes guy
  • Barry Larkin - Probably my all-time favorite Red. Hope he makes the Hall.


  • Trey, Treyster, Tracer, Trey Trey, and when really bad - Michael.
  • Soon to be a Maya, Mason or Tristan - March 31st or so.
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