sidnancy is a naysayer of epic proportions. Nothing will ever work out right!

More importantly, sid is an old punk rocker who loves OBP, underappreciated defense, and a martini. Especially martinis.

While statistical analysis is great in evaluating talent, it goes too far sometimes. The point of "Moneyball" wasn't that the A's could get more wins per dollar than anyone else, it was that they'd found a way to build a winning team without spending like the Yankees - a very important, and overlooked, difference. The Reds are the opposite lately - they've thrown money around without a thought of how it's actually being spent, or how the team is actually constructed, and this pisses sid off to no end.

Finally, he's very proud to point out that he authored the page for The Trade, especially since no one's edited it since it was put up all of those months ago (or does everyone just avoid that page?).

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