Red Reporter (popularly known as RR to its users) is a sports blog focusing on the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. The blog was founded by JD Arney. Red Reporter is part of the SB Nation network of sports blogs.


Red Reporter has gone through a few different formats at multiple URL's. JD Arney started a Reds blog at www.redsbaseball.blogspot.com in December of 2002. It was kept up in an on again, off again fashion until January of 2004 when a proper domain was purchased (redsdaily.com), and Reds Daily was born. That site was run on the Movable Type publishing platform and was kept for about a year.

In early 2005, Tyler Blezinski (of Athletics Nation) approached Arney and asked him to join the Sports Blog Nation blog network. Arney accepted, and Red Reporter was born. It was the second site launched in the network, starting right after McCovey Chronicles. With the move to Sports Blog Nation came more frequent posting, diaries, and game threads, all of which have helped foster a community that exploded in size during the 2006 season.


Red Reporter is powered by the SBN's proprietary content management system. In addition to the blog, registered users can post FanPosts and FanShots without moderation on the site. The FanPosts are virtually identical to the blog posts on the front page and can be promoted to the front page by the primary users. The FanPosts are considered a "blog within a blog" for the individual users. Because of the SBN system, Red Reporter combines the elements of a blog and message board with its diary system. The FanPosts cover diverse topics ranging from statistical analysis to humor, general observations on the Reds and even advertisements for offline gatherings.

How do I add photos to my comment / diary?

Use the <img> html tag. Example: <img src="http://www.pictureURL.jpg"> You can also use the new image button on the comment toolbar. Try to keep things clean.

How do I add a link to my comment / diary?

There are three ways to add a link to your comment or diary. The easiest way is to type out the entire URL, including the http://. The URL will automatically turn into a link. If you think that is ugly looking (it is) and would like to embed the link around some text, you can use the <a> html tag.
Example: <a href="http://www.linkURL.com">This is a link.</a> This will give you linked text like: This is a link. You can also click the new link button on the comment toolbar.

What kind of HTML can I use?

You can use '''bold text''', ''italics'', item lists, blockquotes.

Here's how:<br />
bold - <b>YOUR TEXT</b> (you can also surround a single word by asterisks(*))
italics - <i>YOUR TEXT</i>
bulleted lists - the easy way is to start each line with an asterisk (*) followed by a space. Each line that you start that way will be bulleted.
numbered lists - start each line with a number and then period and a space.

blockquotes - these allow you to set quoted text apart from your own text by indenting it. To do so, put the quoted text inside of two blockquote tags like so: <blockquote>YOUR TEXT</blockquote> and the text will be indented in a new paragraph. You can also select the quoted text and click the quote mark button on the toolbar. NOTE: blockquotes will not carry across multiple paragraphs. If you have a paragraph break in your quote, use a <BR /> tab between each paragraph with no empty lines.

How do I add videos to my comment / diary?

You shouldn't. Youtube has an easy cut-and-paste "Embed" feature, and this has been used to post videos in the past. However this slows down page loads too much and is discouraged. Instead post the URL link to a video and allow people to view it off site. If you want to add a YouTube video to the site, use the FanShots, which are built for just that sort of thing.

Can I get banned?

Yes, if you're an argumentative cyberstalker who is offended by everything, including a dissenting opinion. You can also get banned for making a lot of irritating, ill-timed and/or repetitive posts without taking the time to become friends with the people on the site first (as is the case with most communities, actually).

Is Red Reporter a clique?

'''NO!''' Red Reporter welcomes everyone! That's why we've created this wiki - so everyone knows what the heck everyone else is talking about!

RR Lexicon / Running Jokes

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  • What are all of these fancy stats that everyone is throwing around?
  • What does the Reds's payroll look like for now and the future?

People who tell us about the Reds

We don't assume knowledge during Reds games, or absorb it via telepathy. We are told by a few announcers and newspaper writers who do their best to break the hard losses to us gently.

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