Ross The Merciless

David Ross' most fashionable nickname, "Ross the Merciless," evolved in early September 2006.

In a comment on the September 1 game thread (the game after The Anaconda), satyanaas wished for "Big Ross" to "unleash fireballs" on the San Diego Padres. After (assumably) a feeble at bat, Slyde responded with "Nah, ours is a merciful Ross, he has chosen to spare the Padres on this night." boobs then countered with "David Ross, David Ross the merciful!", a play on the character Maximus from the movie Gladiator. Just two days later, during the same road trip that would ultimately lead to the Reds' 2006 demise, Slyde commented with the first solo use of the phrase, presuming it was "Time for… Ross the Merciless!"

For these reasons, Slyde can claim nearly 100 percent of the rights to the phrase.

Now, the twin phrases can be used accordingly, with Ross the Merciless taking no pity on his opponents, and Ross the Merciful (not-so-)wonderfully sparing his foes from certain doom.

Red Reporter thanks Slyde for this contribution to our lexicon.

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