Red Reporter Fantasy Leagues

Red Reporters are competitive, sports-obsessed gambling addicts so naturally they have a fine tradition of playing Fantasy Sports. Fantasy Baseball and Football are staples. In addition there are NCAA Tournament pools, Sim leagues and various other fun events to join. Players are always needed. Look for relevant diaries in early spring for baseball and late summer for football.

The Hall of Champions

Baseball 2012

Red Reporter launched an ambitious and byzantine series of leagues, using relegation format, sexy team names and divisive stats. It's a noble experiment that will lead to a Red Reporter Premier League in 2013 - a year in which we're pretty sure the world, Red Reporter and our readership will all still be here.

Baseball 2008-2010

There were probably a lot of fantasy leagues happening in here, but we had to lay off our filing clerks after the Economic Meltdown

Baseball 2007

The Joe Morgan League
11 team NL only, 5x5 tradition scoring categories

1. Dubman
2. Red Menace
3. Ash

The Bill James League
12 team NL only, 5x5 sabremetric scoring categories

1. Brian B
2. teb7
3. BLee2525

The Beer League
10 team AL only, 5x5 laid back competitive level

1. Ash
2. Red Menace
3. snohio

Baseball 2006

Red Reporter League*
12 team NL only, 5x5

1. Red Menace
2. Caleb
3. Head Goblin

Football 2006

12 team head to head

1. Officer Dibble
2. MixFMKyle
3. Ash

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