Michael Diary

Michael Diary


1. There are three things that Michael hates: information, Adam Dunn and pretty much everything else the rest of us enjoy.

There are three things Michael loves: Gold Gloves, Dave Kingman and being the center of attention. Followed very closely by savvy ball players.

The reason you should avoid Michael diaries is because, in general, they will drive you nuts with their lack of substance and abundance of circular logic.

2. A rare blend of keen observation and sound reason. A Michael Diary is like a favorite novel that you just can't put down. A Michael Diary combines high level baseball understanding (both conceptually and statistically) with good clear common sense and reasoning. If Abraham Lincoln was around today, he'd no doubt appreciate the Michael Diaries.

3. Michael undoubtedly enjoys watching Bill O'Reilly every night.

4. Some would doubt whether Michael is really a Reds fan because of the poor timing of one of his diaries.

Red Reporter has an inkling of Michael's diet, which may include prune juice, Melba Toast®, buttermilk and sardines.

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