Mc Blank

The prefix Mc- is attached to a Reds player's last name when the player is an over-the-hill veteran who wasn't very good to begin with, foolishly given playing time by clueless Reds management. This is in honor of the grandfather of them all, Quinton McCracken. Frequent Micks: McClayton (Royce Clayton), McFranklin (Ryan Franklin), McHollandsworth (Todd Hollandsworth), and McCrappen or McSucken (Quinton McCracken). For those of you who are wondering, Tony Womack, although he is the quintessential over-the-hill veteran given undeserved playing time, wasn't around prior to McCracken receiving extensive undeserved playing time, else he might have received the Mc- prefix as well, but he got compared to someone else.

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