Marty Brennaman
Young Marty

A Hall of Fame Reds broadcaster and the one constant in an ever-changing world, Marty Brennamen defies all sense of the sports broadcaster mentality that plagues sports today. With his rather colorful sweaters and his fearless opinions, Marty has been the voice of the Reds on the 700 WLW airwaves since 1974, calling some of the most memorable Reds moments in history, including back-to-back World Series wins by the Big Red Machine, Pete Rose's 4192, and the 1990 World Series sweep over the Roid Brothers. His excitement for the game is such that his home run calls can give you goosebumps and make you want to hear them again, and one of the sweetest sounds in life is hearing him say "and this one belongs to the Reds" after a win, especially after a walk-off home run.

Marty refers to each game as a "titanic struggle" and is known unequivocally for his colorful vernacular. His radio partner of more than 30 years, Joe Nuxhall, really had to put up with a lot, and when Steve Stewart came to the booth upon Joe's semi-retirement, he probably did not know what to say half the time. The broadcasts are littered with useless trivia, inside jokes, and emails from fans. Reds fans wouldn't have it any other way.

It seems that RR tide has turned against Marty. RR views Marty as a cranky old man and can't handle it when he is teamed up with tHOm.

Other tibits of interest:

  • Many, many Reds fans turn the sound off their television broadcasts and turn on their radios to hear Marty call the games.
  • Marty coined the terms "leatherpants" and leatherpants vampire.
  • Marty dislikes Adam Dunn enough as a player that he may actually be Michael.
  • Slyde corrected Marty during the 2006 season and had his email correction read on air. Sometimes Red Reporter members like to write moc.oidarnosder|evetsdnaytram#moc.oidarnosder|evetsdnaytram for air time.
  • Marty doesn't hesitate to imply the stupid people who call the Banana Phone are stupid while on air.
  • It has been written that the world will end when Marty retires.
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