Little Bo Peep
Ah, Danny Bo Peep,
you've lost your sheep

Former Reds' GM Dan O'Brien (a.k.a., "DanO") seemed to have a fixation with former Red (and former Texas Ranger) Jason Romano, signing him and putting him on the Reds' ML roster a number of times when he seemingly did not deserve to be on anyone's ML roster. (The two were later linked, after DanO was fired as Reds' GM, in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, but it is unclear who hired whom.)

There was some speculation that Romano might have incriminating photographs of Dan O'Brien dressed as Little Bo Peep, resulting in a photoshop (right) by Red Reporter Slyde that has become a true RR classic.

On a number of occasions thereafter, when a player was given undeserved playing time by Reds' management, references to Little Bo Peep photographs were made (example).

Most recently, because of the tendency of current Reds' manager Jerry Narron to insert Ryan Franklin into close games notwithstanding his documented and repeated poor performance, it was speculated that Franklin had incriminating photographs of Jerry Narron, which have been described as just plain "wrong."

What happens in Red Reporter, stays in Red Reporter.

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