The "Heat" refers to the NL Central Heat Index, a weekly diary concerning each team's performance for that week. The diary is written and posted by RJ Vasilak, a commenter at Bleed Cubbie Blue and obvious Cubs fan. RJ first posted the "heat" for Week #3 on April 23, 2007. You can find it here.

While Red Reporters appreciate the hard work that goes into writing the "Heat" every week, it doesn't keep them from having fun with RJVasilak's "hot and heavy" style. Case in point, the "NL Central Purple Prose Index" initiated by Man Mountain after RJ's Week #7 post. First installment is here, Week#8 here. Red Menace took on the Heat in Week #9. Just a little fun at the expense of RJ's style and how he chooses to assess team play.

RJVasilak may deal the "Heat," but Red Reporters knock it out of the park.

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