George Grande

"Hi, hello, and welcome!" The Godfather of the "bloop," George Grande is part of the Fox Sports Net Ohio Reds telecast his most frequent partner is the "Crafty Lefty", he also works with The Cowboy, and tHom, Chris Welsh, that often leaves viewers confused and dumbfounded by what they hear. Grande is known for his inane comments and his horifically bad combover. Grande-isms include: "Yessiree!" as in "6-4-yessiree!-3 double play" and his home run call, "It's gonna beeeee-eee… GONE!" George also likes to occasionally spend part of the telecast obsessing about his broadcasting partner's home in Northern Kentucky, otherwise known as the "Ponderosa."

George Grande is also well known for his absolute devotion to and man-love for former Reds outfielder Jim Edmonds. From praising his defensive skills to showing his admiration for Edmonds' veteran-type leadership abilitites, Grande is surely Edmonds' biggest fan.

In 1985 George Grande underwent a frontal lobotomy. He has been deemed unfit for society ever since.

In 1994 George Grande had an affair with Marge Schott, he blamed it on dehydration and his lobotomy.

Red Reporters Slyde and ohiobobcat played Reds' trivia with George, Jeff Brantley, and Chris Welsh at the 2006 Redsfest.

Red Reporter thinks George is borderline insane.

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