Geki is Red Reporter's resident angry and constantly malcontented youngster. As a college student at Butler University, Geki lacks the baseball experience of geezers like Caleb, but makes up for it with pure, unadulterated, and very profane anger. Geki does not and has not shared the same optimism that many of the other Red Reporters have, and the 2007 season has made him look good in that regard. But it does not please him, oh lord no, it does not please him. In fact, many things do not please Geki. As of June 29th, 2007, Geki was dubbed "Geki the Impaler" by his favorite geezer, Madville, regarding a comment about skewering Victor Santos upon the Ted Kluszewski statue in Crosley Terrace. The very next day, Santos was designated for assignment. Here is a short list, because everyone loves a good list:

Geki is a reformed Norris Hopper hater. He no longer dislikes Norris Hopper, he simply dislikes people who think Norris Hopper should replace Adam Dunn. He has a number of long-standing feuds with fellow Red Reporters, including but not limited to: Zach, Chandrathan, and Daedalus

Things that do not please Geki

  • Adam Dunn bashers
  • George Grande
  • Thom Brennaman
  • Juan Castro
  • Wayne Krivsky
  • Jerry Narron
  • Uninformed baseball fans
  • Sacrifice bunts
  • Oversensitive people
  • Jason Ellison
  • Wayne Krivsky's drafting skills
  • Injured Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • Talk radio hosts, especially ones named Paul Daugherty
  • Jorge Cantu's facial hair
  • Buck Coats
  • The offseason

Things that do please Geki

  • Adam Dunn
  • Josh Hamilton
  • Jeff Brantley (sometimes)
  • Players under the age of 25
  • Healthy Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • Dan O'Brien's drafting skills
  • Prospects
  • The longball
  • Brian Shackelford
  • Alliteration
  • Justifiable anger
  • Unjustifiable anger
  • Javier Valentin's facial hair
  • Joseph Votto, reformed Canadian
  • Picking up Adam Dunn's option

As you can see, there are not many things that Geki does not have an opinion on.

Geki has an opinion on Red Reporter.

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