Fistbands is the nickname given to Dusty Baker, the manager of the Reds who fears walks and lumbering baserunners. Among other names considered: Dustbag, D-Bag, Donnie Baker (Ya wanna buy a boat?), and Dranopants.

Credit goes to Verka Serduchka on March 14, 2008, with assists from Brendanukkah, Brian B and CamIam. Here is the exchange:

Cam: Baker prefers the "fist" now. "I tell you one thing: Whoever invented the fist, that's the best," he said. "To me, that's the most sanitary way to shake hands. I use the fist in crowds. That's ingenious, because if you're going to catch something off the back of your hand, you're supposed to catch it anyway."

Brendan: I guess that explains the wristbands.
Briab B: Hmm, wonder if he's ever lost a wristband while fisting…
Verka: Fistbands …tee-hee.

A look at some of Fistbands' fistbands:


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