First And Last

It has become customary at Red Reporter to declare or "tag" the post with First or Last. Why do we do this? Because we can. This game within a game is most certainly a drive for undying fame. For example, if there were to be an unassisted triple play or other historic event during a Reds game, First or Last posts of that thread would be forever shrouded in glory (at least in the mind of the poster).


First is typically the actual first post of the thread, if it is called. If it is not called, First can then be claimed by any poster. This is generally a respected tradition. However, in some cases, posters such as boobs have flown in the face of convention, and attempted to claim the official First despite being third, fourth, or sometimes half-way through the game thread.

It is not uncommon to see several Firsts. In these cases of multiple postings, the actual First is decided by time-stamp. In the event of a tie for first, an overly complicated formula involving a coin-toss, poster classification into (a) (b) or (c), and the posters winning percentage vs. the other posters is used. For a complete breakdown of this process, see Slyde.

Update: 10-18-06; ''It has been decided that the use of "First" has run it's course at Red Reporter, and will see only limited use in the future. Apparently, "First" has been a source of complete devastation to other forums. Therefore, a preemptive strike was ordered before it had a chance to tear us apart. Some felt it was annoying, others felt making a big deal out of it was equally annoying. But in the end, a compromise was found to allow this practice to contiue in Game Threads only, which are not formal.''


Last is more of a grey area. The actual rules governing the posting of Last are non-sanctioned and ever changing in the community's eyes. Last has been a recent development in posting competition. Some feel that the right of claiming last only applies the same day of the thread's inception, or before said poster retires for the evening. Because that interpretation involves an incredible amount of faith in a fellow Reporter's truthfulness, others feel a thread is valid for this claim so long as there is interest in the thread, thereby keeping the thread "alive". Still others have arrogantly decided that Last can be "called" simply by being the first to do so. This is a laughable concept and should be shunned by all.

Post First or Last at Red Reporter and achieve immortality, until the SB Nation's servers take a Head Crash.

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