Daedalus is the resident eloquent writer of Red Reporter, and can't possibly be a nun because she occasionally likes to trick people into viewing pictures of genital piercings. She loves beer and Skyline and hates it when the word "bloop" is used out of context. (So, basically, she hates it when George Grande opens his mouth.) She does run a church.

Daedalus has been known to spend time on boobs' couch.

A grad of Miami(OH), which recently buckled to political correctness and changed the athletic teams moniker from "Redskins" to "RedHawks". Fortunately, Daedalus lives in the D.C. metroplex and is frequently able to purchase Washington Redskins branded paraphanelia. She is currently securing investors to take the Church Street Station world wide.

Daedalus watches pirated ESPN over the internet. If she likes you she might tell you how.

She is also responsible for the nifty Lego pictures that accompany many of these profiles.

Come worship at Red Reporter.

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