What are the handcuffs for?

boobs had, miraculously, the last post of the 2006 season. ED- The accuracy of this statement is still up for debate.

boobs cannot, in fact, be trusted to keep his hands to himself to himself during long, alcohol infused game threads. Best know for his leadership in the "mob mentality" antics that won the Red Reporter blog its title as a band of the "most uncouth" e-fans this side of the Mississippi. boobs is…..are?…however, an enjoyable character and has helped solidify the Red Reporter community, despite whatever lack of self-control he may exercise while on someone's couch.

Memorable quote regarding boobs - "What is the sound of one boob clapping?" - Slyde

Does (do?) boobs really look like this? Or are some Astros fans just making this up?


At any rate, boobs' first comment on Red Reporter came on July 1, 2006:

jeff (Weaver)..

He's also better than all but one of our relievers. I'll take him any day. Don't forget, he's still got wicked stuff, he just needs someone to teach him how to keep his composure. He couldn't be any worse a fit than Stormy, Mercker or Yan.
I remember when he was a Yankee, and I'd follow them around the country with my dad. Every Yankee fan hated him because he usually got rocked. But one day he went out and threw 8 shutout innings and gave up like 2 hits. He's got it, he just needs to figure out how to use it. This could be the most special team he's ever been a part of, if we go after him.

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