Bonus Points


A popular prize
currently awaiting
a home:
a limited-edition
David Eckstein
'Leprechaun' pencil

Originally, Bonus Points were used to issue challenge to another Red Reporter's memory and or general knowledge. And as most currency evolves, Bonus Points have gradually become almost completely associated with movie trivia. This association has been a result of Red Reporter members developing comradery through loss and pain, then slowly realizing their high per-capita of resident movie buffs, likely the highest of any Reds blog in existence.


The points have basically become a scrip for yet to be realized or produced prizes. Comments attached to a poll not long ago, finally established the current prize and a value scale for points. As of this writing, it has not been unanimously agreed how many points are awarded per win, but it is widely speculated that no more than 5 can be won at a time. This obviously makes obtaining a prize quite a feat.

How to get them:

A member will offer up points by citing a relevant (relevant is used loosely here) quote from a movie, and tagging the post as points eligible. The first points claiming Reporter with the correct movie to match the quote receives the points. All members are encouraged to make an attempt, including newcomers to the board.

However, be mindfull that most players are advanced. These points will not just spew out at random, ski-ball style. Most are somewhat difficult to get, usually references to older or slightly more obscure movies, but not b-screen obscure. The example at the bottom of this page is a bad example. Quotes as easily reachable as this are usually not met with much enthusiasm

Occasionally, an attempt is made to pass counterfeit Bonus Points. Fortunately, due to the sharp eyes on the board, this has been largely unsuccessfull to date.

Should you like to see a list of current points standings, please see Red Menace, the official records keeper.

"Show me the Red Reporter money!" - Bonus Points

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