BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again) is a phrase that Caleb utters just as the Reds are about to self destruct. The first recorded use was on June 29, 2006 against the Royals.

The situation usually involves the bullpen but can also be used in reference to a starting pitcher and starts with (but not limited to) an error, the walking of the 7 and/or 8 hitters, a hit by the 8 hitter (usually on a 2 strike count), or a hit by the pitcher.

It was also applicable when Narron did things like pitch to Barry Bonds, Lance Berkman, Ryan Howard or any other player that continually and consistently kills the Reds. There is little doubt among the Red Reporter faithful that Narron would have pitched to Hank Aaron, who torched the Reds for 97 career home runs.

BOHICA, which is a bad thing, should not be confused with COHIBA, which are good things.

BOHICA can be used in conjunction with SNAFU, FUBAR, and TARFU.

BOHICA is also the "unofficial" motto of the 2007 Reds' season for certain Red Reporters ("C you there" is the official one):


Remember another proper use of BOHICA is in a Michael Diary on Red Reporter.

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