Annoying Little Shits

The Annoying Little Shits are the small, pesky, scrappy guys who always seem to do something to make life miserable for The Reds. The first recorded use of the phrase was when Caleb used it in reference to Craig Biggio on July 25, 2006.

Craig Biggio - The Captain of the Annoying Little Shits, given the title of ALS Emeritus upon his retirement<br />
David Eckstein - aka "The Hobbit" The heir apparent to Biggio as ALS Captain<br />
Bill Hall - Pink Batman
Ryan Freel - An Annoying Little Shit of our very own<br />
Bo Hart - former Annoying Little Shit<br />
Chris Duffy - arrrrrrrrrrrrr an Annoying Little Pirate Shit<br />
Ryan Theriot - the newest member of the ALS team. Has a .350/.404/.475 career line against the Reds
Chone Figgins - An ALS I would love to see end up with the Reds. Has a .385/.467/.538 career line against the Reds
Norris Hopper - 5'10 198 lbs of bunting annoyance to both Reds fans and opponents alike.
Willie Taveras - 37 bunt hits in 2007, 3 short of the record. And we think NoHo is annoying?
Omar Vizquel - .308/.353/.498 against the Reds lifetime. Has 7 lifetime home runs (career total 77) against us

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