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Red Reporter (popularly known as RR to its users) is a sports blog focusing on the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. The blog was founded by JD Arney. Red Reporter is part of the SB Nation network of sports blogs.


Red Reporter has changed formats and URLs several times through the years. JD Arney started a Reds blog at in December of 2002. It was kept up in an on again, off again fashion until January of 2004 when a proper domain was purchased (, and Reds Daily was born. That site was run on the Movable Type publishing platform and was kept for about a year.

In early 2005, Tyler Blezinski (of Athletics Nation) approached Arney and asked him to join the Sports Blog Nation blog network. Arney accepted, and Red Reporter was born. It was the second site launched in the network, starting right after McCovey Chronicles. With the move to Sports Blog Nation came more frequent posting, diaries, and game threads, all of which have helped foster a community that exploded in size during the 2006 season.

Since then, SBNation has also grown exponentially. The increased exposure has given Red Reporter a wider platform and the opportunity to do stuff like interview actual Reds (from Danny Ray Herrera to Johnny Bench), use real time wire services photos and take flak for being corporate. While the site managers have turned over several times since the move to SBN and the design has become more polished, the focus on Reds fandom and rambling conversation has stayed true.


Red Reporter is powered by the SBN's proprietary content management system. In addition to the blog, registered users can post FanPosts and FanShots without moderation on the site. The FanPosts are virtually identical to the blog posts on the front page and can be promoted to the front page by the primary users. The FanPosts are considered a "blog within a blog" for the individual users. Because of the SBN system, Red Reporter combines the elements of a blog and message board with its diary system. The FanPosts cover diverse topics ranging from statistical analysis to humor, general observations on the Reds and even advertisements for offline gatherings.

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Can I get banned?

Yes, if you're an argumentative cyberstalker who is offended by everything, including a dissenting opinion. You can also get banned for making a lot of irritating, ill-timed and/or repetitive posts without taking the time to become friends with the people on the site first (as is the case with most communities). You can also be banned for anything abusive and repeatedly objectionable. Let your common sense be your guide.

Is Red Reporter a clique?

PROBABLY! But, Red Reporter welcomes everyone! So, NO! That's why we've created this wiki - so everyone knows what the heck everyone else is talking about!

RR Lexicon / Running Jokes

Feel lost in a thread? Here's your roadmap

In early 2012, btcoop did Red Reporter a great service by posting a highly-rec'd clearinghouse thread for Memes

Circa 2010-present/Active jokes:


  • Where can I find up-to-date information on the roster, payroll, contract stuff and injuries?
  • What are all of these fancy stats that everyone is throwing around?
  • Who is going to die this year?

People who tell us about the Reds

We don't assume knowledge during Reds games, or absorb it via telepathy. We are told by a few announcers and newspaper writers who do their best to break the hard losses to us gently.

  • Marty Brennaman, God, WLW (radio)
  • Jeff Brantley, WLW (radio), food enthusiast.
  • John Fay, beat writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Also blogs here.
  • Mark Sheldon, beat writer who blogs here
  • Jamie Ramsey, Reds media relations guru. Keeps tabs on walk-up music here
  • Thom Brennaman, son of God, WLW (radio and FSN)
  • Jim Kelch, God's vestibule attendant (radio)
  • George Grande, Bloop, sometime commentator, FSN (television)
  • Chris Welsh, Successor to Bloop, FSN (televsion)
  • Hal McCoy, HOF beat writer, Dayton Daily News. Now a stay-at-home reporter and regional treasure. Unsolicited Observations from the Man Cave here.

Controversial Subjects

The following topics are routinely discussed with passion.

Common Reds Nicknames

They can be confusing…

Current Reds:

  • Who is Fistbands?
  • Is Vottomatic for the People the best REM album in the National League?
  • Will the Say Eh Kid take his talents to North Beach?
  • Is Jay Hova a God or just the new Junyah?
  • Is Johnny Quest really that good?
  • Have Badrroyo and Goodroyo ever been photographed together?
  • Is Old Hoss old enough to go bow-hunting?
  • How do I know if I've contracted Type I Chapmania?
  • Who has Natural Light Tower Power (LTP)?
  • When is it Snacks Time? Or: will the Reds go barnstorming with the Golem this year?
  • Will there finally be a shortstop to Rock Me, Amadeus?
  • Is Ludwi C.K. going to be funny or just offensive?
  • Should the Reds go easy on the Hi-C?
  • When will Soft J learn to ground out harder?
  • Does El Niño Destructor eat kids for breakfast?
  • Did the Toddfather wake up this morning and get himself a spot on the roster?
  • When does the Masset Hound make us sad?
  • Will Lotzkar of the Hill People ever raid the majors?
  • Is the King Fisher a tragic figure?

Former Reds:

Meet Your Fellow Reporters

Archive of historical jokes and stuff

2007-08, roughly:


Circa 2005 and earlier

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